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Our Working Culture

We believe in smart work more than hardwork! Our working rountine follows a simple strategy of thinking discussing and then executing the right thing. It is never about how many hours you staying there physically it's always about how many productive hours you are giving to the company. We are having a very positive workspace and also we do care about your mental health . We work with happy brains!


Celebration @QTS


Foundation day celebration


Foundation day celebration

Quantumware's foundation day is one the most important occasion for us so we celebrate it in a special manner. we show our gratitude to our team and also treat them with gifts and other stuffs. November 13 is always filled with joy and gives us a passion to move ahead.

QTS - Infinito

Flash mob

Quantumware team gave a cheerful performance in front of more than 1000 people on january 26.It was a tribute for our National heroes and also to generate a feel of fraternity among us. Our team was confident enough to perform in between so many people. They gave their performance in Esplanade and also got a big round of applause which filled them with joy.

Birthdays @ QTS

team dinner

Sharing love

We know the value of our team members and we also know how to treat them with all the affection and respect. we organise events in which we thank them for being present whenever there was a need. Quantumware also organise a talk session in which we do hear about the problems our team members face including their personal problems. we are more like a family.